Josh McFarlin

Kitchen Jobs

Developed a tool for keeping track of communal kitchen cleaning. The tool enables complete management and logging for kitchen areas. Written in React for the front-end, and uses Next.js and Firebase for the back-end.


Created a tool to generate a single QR code to receive payments or donations in multiple cryptocurrencies while enabling dynamic addresses. Written in React for the front-end, while using Express, Next.js, and Firebase for the back-end.

Donation Tracker

Developed an open-source Android app for providing information about donation centers, enabling users to find nearby donation centers, and employees to view, search, and edit inventories for each location.

Donation Tracker React

Individually developed an alternative web implementation of my team's Donation Tracker app in React to enable more devices to use the service.


Developed an Alexa skill for use by Georgia Tech students during HackGT 2017. The skill offers information about Georgia Tech history, dining options, bus availability, campus news and events, Georgia Tech social media posts, WREK radio, and more.

This Website

After several revisions, my current website uses React and Next.js with Sanity, a headless content-management system, to enable editing the website without code.

Java CryptoCompare API

Developed a Java implementation of the CryptoCompare API service, which provides access to cryptocurrency information about coins, exchanges, historic data, market data, mining equipment and contracts, news, and social networks.

3D Scanning of Brains

Introduced a procedure at George Washington University for creating 3D models of brains and soft tissue using photogrammetry. Documented findings in a research paper now used by graduate and post-graduate students to aid in the preservation of specimen and research.

Other Projects

Not all of my projects are listed on this page! You can view my remaining projects on my GitHub!